Ashley 12 years old

Ashley 12 years old
Happy 12th Birthday

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some pics from the past! Thanks to Aunt Tamara

Ashley's Crazy Hair

Kissing her baby sister Samantha

Cute and Innocent
Danyeal & Ashley at Christmas
Easter 2002
Sisters are Forever

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Endless Journey

Fly, Fly, little wings. Fly beyond imaging, upon the wind of Heavens love, past the planets and the stars, leave this lonely world of ours, escape the sorrow and the pain and fly again. Fly, Fly precious one, YOUR ENDLESS JOURNEY has begun. Take your gentle happiness, far to beautiful for this, cross over to the other shore and FLY............................................

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fishing...are you kidding me!

This was also a first for Ashley, fishing with Len. She was not so excited to go, I told her it would be fun and she could take any baby she wanted with her for company.....note the shark, she thought a shark would bring her comfort...go firgure!
"Why is my mom laughing so hard at me?"

I sure love making new friends

Comfort and Joy...

Doritios and my pet shark!

Here I come Kindergarden...

This is Ashley's first day of Kindergarden. She was sooo excited to start school.

Swimsuit Season

My mom and I loved to dress up my chubby little baby girl. She was always so easy going. I wanted to buy all of the suits that we looked at but for then it was just two.

I like this one mom..

Best Suit So Far

"Do my thighs look big?"

"I am doing it mom, I'm swimming!"

"Why does my mom do this to me?"